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*The Ute Mountain Utes are the Weeminuche band of Utes, one of the seven original Ute bands that inhabited the entire state of Colorado.  The Ute Mountain Utes presently reside on their reservation in Southwestern Colorado.
*Ancestral Pueblo, or Anasazi, were people of the Pueblo culture.  These Pueblo people resided in the four corners' areas (Colorado, New Mexico, Utah and Arizona) until about 1300 AD.  The Puebloan tribes are presently living in the states of Arizona and New Mexico and are the descendants of the Ancestral Pueblo.

................................Frequently Asked Questions.................................


Q: What are the months of the Tribal Park season?
A: Currently the Tribal Park season is open in March or April depending on road conditions to October 31st. The park is closed November to March.

Q: Are reservations required?
A:  No, but we would prefer if you contacted our office and made a reservation so that we may have a guide waiting for your group and to check tour availability. We also try not to book tours Sundays and holidays for the guides but if you have a large enough group we may make an exception.

Q: How do I set up a tour?
A: Please call or e-mail us for availability for tours. We will need a name, mailing address,Number of tour participants, type of tour, & cell phone number to set a reservation. You can also place in a request for a particular guide when you set your reservation.

Q: What tour do you recommend for first time visitors?
A: If you’re a first time visitor we recommend the full day tour if you have the time and ability. The full day tour will allow you to see a lot of what the Tribal Park has to offer and covers cliff dwellings, surface sites (kivas/ pueblos), rock art, & artifacts. There is about 3 miles of hiking for the full day tour throughout the entire day.

Q: What is involved with the half day tour?
A: The half day tour is a very easy tour and most sites are within a very short walking distance. You will see rock art (Ancient Puebloan & Ute), surface sites (kivas, pueblos, & pit houses), & smaller cliff dwellings. The half day tour has some cliff dwellings but nothing as big as the full day tour.

Q: What is involved with the full day tour?
A: The full day tour sees what the half day tour does plus 4 large cliff dwellings (Tree House, Lion House, Morris #5, and Eagles Nest). There are 4 ladders you will need to go down in order to view the cliff dwellings up close. Three ladders are about 5’ in height and one ladder is about 20’ in height. There is a fifth optional ladder to view Eagles Nest up close and that ladder is about 30’ in height. The cliff dwelling hike is about 2 miles round trip.

Q: What is involved with the remote tour?
A: We typically recommend a remote tour on a second visit if you’ve already taken the full day tour. There are a few remote tour areas and can vary on where you would like to visit. The remote tours can vary in hiking distance but typically take more time (driving) or effort (hiking) getting to them. Please call our office regarding a remote tour.

Q: Does the UMTP provide lunches for tours?
A: Due to health concerns we do not provide lunches. You will need to provide your own lunch and drinks for the all day tours. Alcohol is not allowed on the Ute Mountain reservation as well.

Q: What about transportation for tours?
A: We can provide transportation on our 15 passenger vans for an additional fee (see tour flyer for current fee) or you may provide your own transportation at no additional cost and follow the guide in your own vehicle.

Q: What are the road conditions like?
A: The Half day tour (30 miles round trip) is a gravel road and the full day tour (80 miles round trip) is a mixture of gravel and dirt. You do not need 4 wheel drive vehicle for either tour.

Q: Do you have any discounts?
A: Yes, we offer a discount to groups of 20 or more on the full day tour, special rates for schools, and a discount to active military and veterans. Please see the tour flyer for current tour rates.

Q: Can we pick up the artifacts on the ground? (Pottery, rocks, etc.)
A: Yes, but be sure to put it back where it was found. Taking artifacts is illegal and will not be tolerated in the UMTP. Please do not excavate a partially exposed artifact.

Q: Can we take photographs of the park?
A: Yes, photography is fine as long as it is for personal use. Please ask permission of the guides before taking their picture. If you would like to take photos for publishing, articles, etc., you will need to consult with the Tribal Park Director first.

Q: Can I hike in the Tribal Park on my own?
A: No, the UMTP is a guided area only. Anyone without a permit will be asked to leave or may be escorted out.

Q: Do you offer volunteer/ service work in exchange for a tour?
A: Yes, we enjoy having volunteer groups visiting the park. In exchange for volunteer work we provide a tour equal to the volunteer time. Give our office a call for further details.

Q: Is the Tribal Park ADA accessible?
A: No, currently we do not have any sites that are ADA accessible but most of the half day tour sites and rock art can be viewed from a vehicle.

Q: I’m interested in seeing more rock art or cliff dwellings than on a normal tour, can I arrange a tour to see more rock art or cliff dwellings?
A: Yes, we can tailor a PRIVATE tour to see more rock art of cliff dwellings. A private tour can be made to see rock art only or cliff dwellings only. Please contact our office for more information.