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*The Ute Mountain Utes are the Weeminuche band of Utes, one of the seven original Ute bands that inhabited the entire state of Colorado.The Ute Mountain Utes presently reside on their reservation in Southwestern Colorado.
*Ancestral Pueblo, or Anasazi, were people of the Pueblo culture.These Pueblo people resided in the four corners' areas (Colorado, New Mexico, Utah and Arizona) until about 1300 AD.The Puebloan tribes are presently living in the states of Arizona and New Mexico and are the descendants of the Ancestral Pueblo.

Camping Informationbear


Q: Where is the Tribal Park Campground located?
A: The campground is located about 15 miles in the Ute Mountain Tribal Park boundary.

Q: Is there running water at the campground?
A: No, the campground is a primitive campground. There is no running water or electricity but we do have water tanks for drinking and washing. There is also firewood with designated fire pits.

Q: I see there are cabins in the campground, what is included inside the cabin?
A: The cabins are completely empty. You will need to provide your own accommodations (sleeping cot, sleeping bag, etc.).

Q: How do I set a reservation to camp?
A: Please call our office our e-mail us. We will need a vehicle description and license plate number as well as a number of tour participants camping. We will then issue you a camping permit and map to the primitive campground.

Q: Are there designated camp sites?
A: No, you may camp anywhere in the campground area.

Q: Can you describe the campgrounds?

A: The campground is located along the Mancos River and is surrounded by trees. There are a couple of picnic areas and designated fire pits thru out the campground area as well as cabins and outhouse structures. There area few short trails to the Mancos River but please stay around the campground area when camping (NO SELF GUIDED HIKES).

(Camping permits must be obtained prior to camping)

CABIN RENTAL: $10.00 PER DAY (Located at the Tribal Park primitive campground)

**It must be noted that the Ute Mountain reservation is solverign nation,and we respectfuly ask that you to please respect our ways of life and culture belives.