*The Ute Mountain Utes are the Weeminuche band of Utes, one of the seven original Ute bands that inhabited the entire state of Colorado.The Ute Mountain Utes presently reside on their reservation in Southwestern Colorado.
*Ancestral Pueblo, or Anasazi, were people of the Pueblo culture.These Pueblo people resided in the four corners' areas (Colorado, New Mexico, Utah and Arizona) until about 1300 AD.The Puebloan tribes are presently living in the states of Arizona and New Mexico and are the descendants of the Ancestral Pueblo.

Contact Information

P.O. BOX 109
(970) 565-3751 EXT. 330
E-mail: umtp@utemountain.org

Direct phone: (970) 565-9653
FAX: 970-564-5317
E-MAIL: utepark@fone.net or umtp@utemountain.org

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**It must be noted that the Ute Mountain reservation is solverign nation,and we respectfuly ask that you to please respect our ways of life and culture belives.