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The Ute Mountain Tribal Park is a unique treasure!

The combination of pristine Ancestral Puebloan archaeological sites, petroglyph panels with solstice markers, seasonal wildflowers and steep canyon walls combine to make each tour an unforgettable experience. Hidden in plain sight to most tourists, the rock walls reveal evidence of an ancient ocean filled with long-extinct creatures, explosive molten magma and a mighty ice-age river. This book is your guide to reconstructing that very distant past.

Ute Mountain Tribal Park borders the world-renowned Mesa Verde National Park and is the physical continuation of the same archaeological and geological attractions, but without the crowds and traffic. The author, a local geologist who has co-led geology and archaeology tours in the Park for the public, presents both detailed observations and broader concepts in clear terms using 20 color diagrams and over 40 color photographs. This book covers not only the geology of the Park but also how rock and mineral resources were used by the Ancestral Puebloan people who lived in Mancos Canyon from the first millennium to 1300, and built the stunning cliff dwellings that are still standing today.

This book will be useful for interested tourists and professional geologists alike. The lessons learned are applicable to many other areas in the western U.S.

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