Tribally-owned and operated for 44 years

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The Ute Mountain Tribal Council passed several tribal resolutions such as Adoption of an Ordinance for the “Protection of Places and objects of Sacred, Historical and Scientific Interest” on the Ute Mountain Ute Reservation. We the Utes are proud to show you our land and the history of who we are all we ask is that you please respect our ways of life and culture believes.

With that said it is our duty as Native Americans to preserve and protect our historical land sites so ask of you,

PLEASE DO NOT REMOVE pottery shards or deface prehistoric or any historical elements while on tour(s).



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Our Tribal Park is preserved with many original pictographs and petroglyphs that tells you stories of Ancient Times; Historical and pre-historical sites are preserved in their original state. The Ute Mountain Tribal Park was designated as a Historical District On May 2, 1972. The first tours were conducted under the directorship of the first Tribal Park Director, the late Arthur Cuthair. He was the first UMTP Director and including Co. Lt. Governor Donna Lynne – Indian Education Curriculum. The late Arthur Cuthair was UMTP Director From 1970 up to 1989. Then he entered into politics. He was a Ute Tribal Councilman I believe 2 to 3 terms.

Prior to 1972, the Ute Mountain Tribal Park area was occupied by various people the Ancestral Puebloans, Fremont's, Utes, Pioneers, and Ranchers.These various groups of people, cliff dwellings, land formations make this park a very special Tribal Park to visit!

Maps of the Ute land

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The Ute Mountain Utes are the Weeminuche band of Utes, one of the seven original Ute bands that inhabited the entire state of Colorado. The Ute Mountain Utes presently reside on their reservation in Southwestern Colorado.


Essential Tour Information



No dogs are allowed. No professional photography is allowed

*It must be noted that the Ute Mountain reservation is sovereign nation, and we respectfully ask that you to please respect our ways of life and culture believes.












Half Day 9am-12pm

Full Day 9am-4pm

Special Tours 5.6 miles

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Come and join us?

During the National Preservation month the Ute Mountain Tribal Park will have an Open House on May 26, 2018 from 8:00 am - 4:00 pm at the Ute Mountain Tribal Park Visitor Center at Highway Junction 160/491 twenty miles south of Cortez, eight miles south of the Ute Mountain Casino.




Want to visit a rare area of the park?

Then this is the tour for you! Inaccessible Casa Colorado & Casa Blanca Cliff Dwelling Tour at the entrance of Mesa Verde National Park from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm.

The tour involves a drive thru Mesa Verde National Park and across to the Ute Mountain Reservation.



Do you like a physical challenge?

This is the tour for all you adventures and hikers alike. This tour involves a climb of four ladders and a four and a half mile hike to Morris 3 Cliff Dwelling.

This tour takes approximately 5 - 7 hours. Starting location is at the Ute Mountain Tribal Park Visitor Center/Museum. Note:

This tour area is not handicapped accessible