CABIN RENTAL: @ $15.00 PER DAY (Located at the Tribal Park primitive campground)

Camping in the TRIBAL PARK @  $14.00 PER-VEHICLE/PER DAY-PRIMITIVE CAMPGROUND (A permit must be obtained prior to camping. Camp fire wood, outdoor rest rooms,
drinking & utility water available at the campground.)Post Image



Q: Where is the Tribal Park Campground located?

A: The campground is located about 15 miles in the Ute Mountain Tribal Park boundary.



Q: Is there running water at the campground?

A: No, the campground is a primitive campground. There is no running water or electricity but we do have water tanks for drinking and washing. There is also firewood with designated fire pits



Q: How do I set a reservation to camp?

A: Please call our office our e-mail us. We will need a vehicle description and license plate number as well as a number of tour participants camping. We will then issue you a camping permit and map to the primitive campground.


Q: Are there designated camp sites?

A: No, you may camp anywhere in the campground area.


Q: Can you describe the campgrounds?

A: The campground is located along the Mancos River and is surrounded by trees. There are a couple of picnic areas and designated fire pits thru out the campground area as well as cabins and outhouse structures. There area few short trails to the Mancos River but please stay around the campground area when camping.


Q: I see there are cabins in the campground, what is included inside the cabin?

A: The cabins are completely empty. You will need to provide your own accommodations (sleeping cot, sleeping bag, etc.).


With that said it is our duty as Native Americans to preserve and protect our historical land sites so ask of you, PLEASE DO NOT REMOVE pottery shards or deface prehistoric or any historical elements while on tour(s).

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TRANSPORTATION PROVIDED BY THE TRIBAL PARK: $14.00 PER PERSON (Round trip from Tribal Park Visitor Center)

Prior reservations required Tour Participants 3 to 13 transported from Cortez, Co. @ $20.00 per person round trip.

Come experience a trip back into time and learn a special Native American interpretation of the culturally diverse homelands of the Ute Mountain Ute Tribe. Spend time in our incomparable Ute Mountain Tribal Park with one of our knowledgeable Native American Ute tour guides. Guides interpret Ute* Indian History, Ute pictographs, geological land formations, and Ancestral Pueblo* petroglyphs, artifacts, and dwellings.

Each Tribal Park van holds up to twelve to fifteen people. Visitors can provide their own transportation.Participants will need to dress comfortably and provide their own drinking water and lunch for the tours.

Reservations must be set at Ute Mountain Tribal Park Office by e-mail at or or contact us by phone (970) 565-3751 ext. 330 or (970) 565-9653.

Tours may be canceled due to bad weather. Tours begin at the Ute Mountain Tribal Park Visitor Center/Museum located at Highway Junction 160/491 (formerly Highway Junction 160/666).

Ute Mountain Ute Tribe/ Ute Mountain Tribal Park and its employees are not liable for illnesses, accidents, thefts, and injuries.


Essential Tour Information

No dogs are allowed. No professional photography is allowed
*It must be noted that the Ute Mountain reservation is sovereign nation, and we respectfully ask that you to please respect our ways of life and culture believes.















Half Day 9am-12pm

Full Day 9am-4pm

Special Tours 5.6 miles

Transportation reservations

Camping Cost

Cabin Rental

Private Tours





Come and join us?

The Ute Mountain Tribal Park is offering to the public Pool Canyon Nordenskiold Cliff Dwelling tour, a rarely visited area of the park. The Tours are scheduled to start at the entrance of Mesa Verde National Park and across to the Ute Mountain Reservation.




Want to visit a rare area of the park?

Then this is the tour for you! Inaccessible Casa Colorado & Casa Blanca Cliff Dwelling Tour at the entrance of Mesa Verde National Park from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm.

The tour involves a drive thru Mesa Verde National Park and across to the Ute Mountain Reservation.



Do you like a physical challenge?

This is the tour for all you adventures and hikers alike. This tour involves a climb of four ladders and a four and a half mile hike to Morris 3 Cliff Dwelling.

This tour takes approximately 7 - 8 hours. Starting location is at the Ute Mountain Tribal Park Visitor Center/Museum.


  • This tour area is not handicapped accessible
  • Arrive 15-30 min before tour starts
  • Must bring lunch, water, and comfortable hiking gear.